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Your school blog has the power to improve your school's performance in search, position your school as an expert in education, and help improve enrolment and retention.

Blogging isn’t about publishing more, it’s about publishing smart.

At SchoolHype, we have a pool of content writers who specialize in writing blog posts for your school. Our bloggers are the best for they contribute to the following:

  1. Magnetic Headline
  2. Compelling lead
  3. Useful subheads
  4. Informative and engaging body
  5. Appealing graphics
  6. Powerful call-to-action
  7. Relevant internal link
  8. Good meta description

Here are few benefits of your school blog

  1. Improve your SEO rankings
  2. Gain exposure and visibility
  3. Bring more value to the customer
  4. Establish your school as a leader
  5. Generate leads and increase your chances of enrolments
  6. Give your school a voice

A blog can also:

  1. Be a place to communicate what the school is up to
  2. Build and promote a home-school connection
  3. Create an opportunity to get students involved
  4. Boost your marketing strategy

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