Branding - Inhouse and Outdoor

Branding is an important aspect of the school business, providing its students and teachers with a strong identity that they can instantly recognise.

Schools want their brand identity to set them apart, to reflect their strengths, values, and mission as a place of learning.

At the heart of school design is campus identity. Various levels of identity and branding can be applied to a school campus and they run the gamut from the development of logo, school colours, and mascot to a complete identity manual.

Your school needs brand guidelines to:

  1. Build trust.
  2. Create consistency.
  3. Set you apart.
  4. Keep customers on the same page.
  5. Increase recall value.
  6. Improve students fit.
  7. Attract the best staff.
  8. Increase aspirations and self-esteem in existing students.

Your school brand guidelines should include:

  1. Your school’s motto, ethos or slogan
  2. Your USP or elevator pitch
  3. Logos
  4. Colours
  5. Typography
  6. Imagery
  7. Content voice & tone

Branding is unavoidable.

Every school has a brand. Every single communication, interaction and touch point with the school is building memories, associations, and perceptions of your school brand. Branding is already happening. Whether you know it or not,

All this branding activity is either building the brand up, or bringing it down.

As a specialized agency, we take care of all your branding needs. We handle all your communications and messaging – indoor or outdoor and maintain a consistency. That’s the advance of hiring a full-service agency like ours.

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