Marketing Strategy

Does Your Private School Have A Marketing Plan?
If Not You Need One And We Are Here To Help You

Yes, if you see schooling as a business!

Yes, with the changing consumer behaviour and the changing technology, the strategies need to be changed. Also, the ever-growing number of schools all around can pose a cautioning. The next generation parents (the millennials) have a very different mindset, that can force you to change your fundamentals. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective. Retention of enrolments can also offer challenges.

Yes, if you see schooling as a business, you must consider these factors seriously and run it as any other business or an industry.

Uncertainty around next year’s enrolments can make it challenging to plan for the future or ensure a steady flow of income for your school. But a thoughtful marketing roadmap can help you stay on track.

Today, Marketing Is Essential. But It Can Also Seem Complicated And Expensive.

We at SchoolHype suggest a step-by-step, or piece by piece approach to marketing. All these small efforts will come together to create an organized, strategic whole. And using specific digital channels, like your website or social media, can help you connect with your audience like never before.

The most important part is simply to begin. You have to begin creating a marketing plan wherever you’re at and do what you can to make the biggest impact with your available time and resources

Here Are Ten Steps To Creating A Private School Marketing Plan That Yields Results

  1. Define your goals. How many new enrolments are you looking at during the next session?
  2. Analyse your situation. Do a SWOT analysis. A competitive analysis is recommended.
  3. Form a clear positioning statement
  4. Assess needs and required resources
  5. Brainstorm and refine ideas to build a strategy
  6. Prioritise. Don’t try to do everything at once.
  7. Define your value proposition
  8. Outline key strategies
  9. Launch your marketing plan. Implementation is the key to success.
  10. Measure progress, analyse and reform

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