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Why do you need a school website?

  1. It allows you to reach a broad audience.
  2. Your school website is the most important marketing asset. It’s a platform to show-off your school. It’s a perfect branding tool.
  3. It shows your strengths. It helps you build a solid reputation.
  4. It enhances your school’s credibility.
  5. It is a platform for online admissions.
  6. That’s the easiest way to keep your students and parents updated. It’s the best means of communication.
  7. Because your competitor schools have one. You can gain a competitive edge through a great website.
  8. It helps you reduce paperwork.
  9. It keeps you future ready.

What makes a good school website?

  1. Design: 94% of the first impressions are design related
  2. Mobile-first design: Over 90% of your website traffic comes from mobile.
  3. Fast load times: Your website speed makes a major factor.
  4. Simple navigation: To achieve a higher engagement rate, you should give your visitors and simple and enjoyable user experience.
  5. Informative and engaging content: No one has the time to read long paragraphs, yet people need content. The solution is photographs, pictures, graphics, infographics and video presentations.
  6. Optimizing to search: You can have the best website in the world …. but if no one can find you, what’s the worth? Optimization to search is the key to your website ranking in the searches and it matters.
  7. Safe and secure hosting: Hosting affects the speed, safety and security of your website.
  8. Power of Content Management System: A great website needs a strategy, design and content. Content Management System help is maintaining your website and makes it easy.
  9. Encourage community involvement: You should have some free class videos accessible to the masses.
  10. Tell your school’s story: Create a compelling story that distinguishes your school from other schools. It can be done through a professional video presentation.

Things that your school website must have

  1. Fresh focussed photos: First impression counts. Whenever a prospective parents visit your website, they should be able to get a good look and feel about the school. Happy and smiling faces matter more.
  2. School calendar: This shows a professional attitude. It’s also a way to showcase your happenings. Parents feel good to see the regular activities that contribute to the overall development of the children.
  3. News page: A regularly updated news page gives a positive feeling about the school. They get to feel how their child can get advantage of these activities. This also invites students and parents to regularly visit your website, which becomes a reason to rate your website high in future search results.
  4. Well designed “About us” page: This should feature the managers, administrators and the key role-holders of the school to show how well organized the school is. It should also mention the vision, mission and the purpose of the school, which also needs to be professionally drafted.
    A school should also mention details of its advisors and mentors who contribute to the overall development of the school from outside. This helps in building a nice profile of the school that helps in attracting new enrolments.
  5. Notices and newsletters: This can be done separately for the visitors and the enrolled students. The more they are online, the more is your traffic on the website, which enhances the website performance. This ultimately acts to your website promotion and school promotion.
  6. An FAQs page This eases the operations of a school and saves a lot of time and people resources, which enhances the overall productivity of the school. This also gives a feel of professional attitude of the school in the minds of prospective parents.
  7. A career page A nicely created career page with regular updates can act as a source of marketing for a school. The school gets applications from quality teachers and is also a way to create a resource pool of teachers. A database on the website (accessible only to the managers) can save a lot of time and efforts for a school.
  8. A ‘contact us’ form The ‘Contact us’ page or section in a website is not just to show your address, phone number and email address, or not just to get details from potential enrolments. Rather, it should be able to lead the enquiries to the concerned officer, reducing the response time and a better user experience. All the database can be captured into a centralized database for further follow-ups and analysis.
  9. An FAQs page This eases the operations of a school and saves a lot of time and people resources, which enhances the overall productivity of the school. This also gives a feel of professional attitude of the school in the minds of prospective parents.
  10. Class pages Your school website must have a section for class-wise assignments, homework and projects. Also, the best performance can be displayed and showcased to develop motivation and excellence.
  11. Alumni section Networking with old students and their success stories is a good thing to showcase. Parents get attracted to it. Moreover, the old students also act as your brand ambassadors when they feel being the part of the school and stay connected.
  12. Blogging User generated content can be invited and can be published after moderation.

Other key functionalities

  1. LMS integration
  2. ERP integration
  3. Digital library integration
  4. Mobile app integration

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